Unapologetically adventurous. Obsessed with being the forefront of fashion

Welcome to your sartorial soundtrack of Marviza

Influential, inventive, and forward thinking, Marviza is here to redefine luxury by delivering timeless & affordable wardrobe winners with a subversive twist.

Each Marviza garment is designed to the inch & finished to perfection with focus on understated elegance. With an inclusive design sensibility and an undying love for travel & sartorial research, Marviza exudes fantasy, sexy sophistication and unadulterated femininity for the woman of today.

Small batch production, ready to ship, limited runs, unlimited compliments - always!

Prepare to soak up the edgy details and turn heads with luxe fabrics and vibrant tonalities with Marviza.

About the founder of Marviza

A traveler, a thinker, a dreamer, and a designer, Ayushi Jain rendezvous with slow fashion & creative design comes from a long foundation of her luxury brand ‘houseofarmuse’ established in 2015, that carved a niche for itself in the festive & bridal couture space for it’s meticulously crafted silhouettes & artful design. Marviza was born out of her yearning to be able to express every mood, every occasion and her love for travel. Her sartorial strategy aims at feel-good-look-good power pieces that stand the test of time, and design silhouettes that can easily transcend from day to night & from work to party or to a vacation. Easy, like Sunday morning - that’s how she likes to see the styles, colouring your ‘everyday’.

Our Identity

Marviza was born out of designer’s mission to make a global brand by crafting luxe & artful designs at an affordable price point. The idea is to take on strong, classic silhouettes and deliver them in fun, lively & mood-boosting hues with whimsical drapes and prints.

Ever since the debut of the first collection, the brand has persisted in asserting its passion and expertise in meticulously crafted, inclusive & fuss free collections.

Our Mission

At Marviza, we try to curate special designs & collection for each country. The customer is at the heart of our unique business model, with beauty, clarity, functionality, and sustainability as our core values.

With a passionate team of over hundreds of workers, Marviza aims to revolutionize the luxury retail space by designing artful & multifunctional collections with finesse and a distinct edge.